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What is Pokemon IV | Build the Strongest Pokemon

Whether you are a casual Pokemon Go player or a hardcore one you have heard the term Pokemon IV. Although there are many stats for Pokemon that help determine the outcome of the battle, Pokemon IV is one of the most important. Values like Attack, Defense, and Stamina are crucial if you want to build the strongest Pokemon possible.

As a hidden statistic, Pokemon IV stands for Individual Values. These are broken up into the three categories we stated above, in Stamina, Defense, and Attack. All of these stats are added to the base attribute for each species of Pokemon monster. Pokemon IV can range between 0-15 for each stat, with 15 serving as the best possible value.

Your Pokemon Combat Points or CP is affected by the three values in Pokemon IV. Much like your Pokemon Hit Points is affected by the Stamina value, it’s better to choose a Pokemon with better IV. Before you invest your hard-earned Stardust into a Pokemon, you will want to do the right amount of research to see if that Pokemon is worth it.

Want to take your Pokemon Go game to a new level? You’ll need to calculate Pokemon IV properly. Read below to see how to build the strongest Pokemon. Avoid wasting Stardust and gain an edge over other Pokemon Go trainers.

Understanding Pokemon IV:

Pokemon IV Level:

The hardest part of calculating Pokemon IV is finding the level of your Pokemon. This again is a hidden value. There are many tools online and even ones you can download to your phone. One of the best calculators online is found at The Silph Road.

Here’s how to calculate your Pokemon IV level:

Here’s how to calculate your Pokemon IV level
  1. Head over to The Silph Road
  2. Click on IV Rater
  3. Choose your Pokemon species
  4. Select your trainer level
  5. Move the slider to match what’s on your smartphone
  6. Hit calculate

The calculator will then tell you whether or not your Pokemon is worth keeping. Although you can take a lesser Pokemon and build it up using Stardust, it will always under-perform against higher IV Pokemon.

There are also many other tools online as well that help you calculate Pokemon IV. If you’ve already invested Stardust in your Pokemon, and want to know if you’ve made a good choice, you can use this spreadsheet to reverse calculate Pokemon IV.

Is Pokemon IV really that important?

If you are a casual gamer that just wants to have fun, no not really. Collecting Pokemon is a huge aspect of gameplay, and this guide isn’t putting that part of the game down at all.

However if you are serious about taking over gyms or battling other trainers, IV plays a vital role, maybe even the biggest role. In order to build the strongest Pokemon, you’ll want to make the right choice.

Of course, other things like attack DPS and special moves all make a difference as well. After you’ve leveled up your Pokemon, IV differences could make the difference between 3-10% in Combat Points. This works out to 3% for the weakest IV Pokemon, versus 10% gain for the strongest IV Pokemon.

In other words you want a perfect IV Pokemon score, which would be (15, 15, 15.) Finding a perfect Pokemon however is so rare it’s like winning the lottery. So in closing Pokemon IV is important, but don’t confuse it as the end all be all for choosing the best possible Pokemon.

Have any questions about IV and how it affects your Pokemon? Let us know in the comment box below!

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