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Use this PokeStop Trick to Double Exp and Pokeballs

The latest Pokemon Go tip gives you a way to get double the experience and Pokeballs easily. Using this Pokestop trick you can get more from the 10th unique Pokestop you spin. Not only that but you’ll double your experience and when done right you’ll get a Pokemon egg to boot. Sound interesting? Read on to learn how to use this Pokestop trick.

No matter what level your Pokemon Go trainer is, you can use this Pokestop trick to gain an edge. When you use this trick, make sure that you’ve got an empty slot in your egg basket. If you spin your 10th unique Pokestop and you don’t have an open slot you won’t get an egg to hatch.

How to use this Pokestop Trick:

How to use this Pokestop Trick

Thanks to /u/Arcturiss from the Pokemon Go Reddit community, this Pokestop trick has been tested and confirmed. Here’s the steps you need to get double the experience, lots of items and an egg.

Step 1 : Locate a string of Pokestops either through a Pokemon Go finder tool, or through word of mouth. It’s ideal to find Pokestops on a long stretch of road, so try looking downtown or other highly populated urban areas.

For this Pokestop trick to work, you will need 10+ Pokestops in the same area. They need to be close enough for you to travel to and spin within 10 minutes.

Step 2 : Begin by spinning one Pokestop at one end of your area. You can also mark down these Pokestops by number. Once you have your path set, you can begin.

Step 3 : Continue down the path you’ve set ahead of time, and spin each Pokestop. After the 10th unique Pokestop you spin, you will get 6+ items, 100 XP and an egg.

Make sure that the Pokestops you are spinning are unique. This means that you cannot wait for a Pokestop you’ve already spun to turn blue. Also it’s best to travel in a straight line so try to find a stretch of Pokestops that suits your needs.

Once you are done spinning the 10th Pokestop within 10 minutes, travel back to the beginning point of your path. Do not spin any Pokestops on the way back. Instead reset your path by starting this Pokestop trick at the beginning.

Doing so will break the chain and result in this Pokestop trick not working. You can catch Pokemon along the way without problems, but make sure that you are walking fast enough to spin 10 unique Pokestops within 10 minutes.

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