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Pokemon IV FAQ | Commonly asked questions

Catching and evolving Pokemon is one of the main components in the game. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go isn’t exactly very informative when it comes to how to evaluate Pokemon. In fact, outside of Combat Power there’s not much else to go on for a casual gamer. IV or Individual Values is the real measure of your Pokemon potential, but they can be very confusing. That’s what this Pokemon IV FAQ Guide is for, to answer most of the common questions about Individual Values and what they mean.

Our Pokemon IV FAQ guide like most of our guides are made possible through the tremendous contributions at the Pokemon Go Reddit community. This IV FAQ is compiled using the contributions from many users. Some of the users we have to thank include; /u/Conan-The-Librarian, /u/conspire_pokemon_go, and /u/LastSasquatch.

So if you want a deeper understanding of Pokemon Individual Values, read on to see how our IV FAQ guide can help.

Pokemon IV FAQ:

Pokemon IV FAQ

What is IV? 

Many people have heard of Individual Values, but still have a fuzzy concept of what they are. In the simplest terms, these are bonuses to the three base stats that every Pokemon has. For example every Pokemon has three stats that play a huge role in combat. These are Attack, Defense and Stamina.

If you happen to own two Pikachu Pokemon for example, these will both have the same base set of statistics for these three categories. However, there’s an additional statistic called IV or Individual Values. These range between 0-15 for each statistic. Pokemon with 15/15/15 in each statistic slot is considered a perfect Pokemon.

Individual Values therefore represents the potential of each individual Pokemon. They are the genetic variance for each Pokemon you catch. Meaning some Pokemon are just superior than others, even though they may have higher CP at any given time. Pokemon with higher statistics and IV will also work out to have higher CP or combat points.

As you might imagine perfect Pokemon are extremely rare. So rare in fact that someone recently sold an account filled with perfect Pokemon for a million dollars.

How does IV get calculated? 

There are three values that are used to help measure the IV of your Pokemon. These are Combat Power, HP and Stardust cost / Pokemon level. Combat Power is a rough determination of your Pokemon’s power. HP is how much damage your Pokemon can endure before fainting.

Stardust cost is important, because your Pokemon level isn’t obvious. When you catch Pokemon in the wild, their level can vary. If you’ve caught wild Pokemon and haven’t powered them up before, you can narrow down the possible sets of Pokemon IV.

How can I see IV in the game? 

Unfortunately outside of using a third-party application like GoIV, there is no way to see these values. Although GoIV does not access the Pokemon Go API or make any calls to the server, it’s still considered a third party app and therefore grounds to ban your account. There are also multiples tools online to help you calculate Pokemon IV.

If you take anything away from our IV FAQ guide, try these offline tools to learn what your Pokemon IV is. Tools like The Silph Road or various spreadsheets help you find your Pokemon Individual Value quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, the height and weight of your Pokemon does not translate into potential. These values are purely for cosmetics and just an extra feature of Pokemon Go.

Should I care about Pokemon IV? 

It’s up to you and the experience you want from Pokemon Go. For most casual gamers, Individual Values won’t mean much at all. However if you don’t want to waste candy and Stardust leveling up low IV Pokemon, you’ll need this Pokemon IV FAQ.

Do I select Pokemon strictly on IV? 

 Not at all! Everyone has their own way of playing the game, and favorite move sets. The order in which you should pick Pokemon should go from Pokemon species, desired move sets, Pokemon IV and then Combat Points in that order. Why this order? Read the next section of our Pokemon IV FAQ to find out why.

  • Move Sets impact Pokemon DPS or Damage per Second and cannot be changed.
  • Individual Values affect Attack and Defense directly, which determines survivability in combat. Pokemon IV does not change, either through evolutions or leveling up.
  • Combat Points is the only value that can be changed through leveling up your Pokemon. Therefore it’s the last indicator of why you should pick one Pokemon over another.

IV calculators give me a big range in percentage, why? 

One of the most commonly asked questions in our IV FAQ Guide. There are many combinations of Pokemon IV, which can lead to this wide range. This can happen because you are still using an inexact science to determine a set value in the game. To try and narrow down your results, try to level up your Pokemon once and then trying to use the IV spreadsheet again.

After you level up your Pokemon, the required amount of candy should increase. This gives you a new subset of percentage ranges, which narrows down the results quite a bit. Without using a third party app, this is the only way to help identify your Pokemon IV.

How can I calculate IV on my own? 

Don’t want to rely on a third party app or website, and you are good at math? You can use these calculations in our IV FAQ guide to calculate IV by yourself.

  1. HP = (Base Stam + Stam IV) * Lvl(CPScalar)
  2. CP = (Base Atk + Atk IV) * (Base Def + Def IV)0.5 * (Base Stam + Stam IV)0.5 * Lvl(CPScalar)2 / 10
  3. Lvl(CPScalar)= TotalCpMultiplier (~0.095*Sqrt(PokemonLevel)

What is Combat Points Cap? 

This is the ceiling of CP that your Pokemon can achieve. Every Pokemon will have this ceiling in which they reach their potential. It’s up to you to choose wisely if you want to succeed in combat against serious competition.

I have two Pokemon with matching IV percentages, are they equal? 

Another commonly asked question in our IV FAQ, matching IV percentages don’t mean that both Pokemon are equal. IV percentages simply aggregate the three Pokemon statistics, which can be misleading.

For example, you have a Pikachu with 15 ATK / 15 DEF / 13 STAM, and a Pikachu with 13 ATK / 15 DEF / 15 STAM. Even though both have matching percentages, the reality is that both Pikachus will be very different in combat. If you are aiming for the highest CP possible, choose the Pikachu with more Attack.

Attack values are scaled in a linear fashion as you level up. Defense and Stamina however are rooted. That’s why you’ll need to do the right amount of research using our IV FAQ guide to get your true Pokemon IV values.

Have any questions that you want answered in our IV FAQ Guide? Think we missed any big points? Let us know in the comment box below!

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