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Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Explained

Pokemon Go is officially the biggest mobile game of all time, and it’s only getting bigger. One of the biggest ways in which the game is evolving is through the use of Pokemon Go Plus. No longer will you have to stare at your mobile device to see if there are any nearby Pokemon to capture.

Instead, the Pokemon Go wearable makes catching Pokemon easier. When you enable the Bluetooth of Pokemon Go Plus and pair it to your cell phone you’ll be ready to hunt Pokemon effectively. This guide covers the basics of Pokemon Go Plus and explains what the handy device can do to enhance your gameplay.

If you are wondering what the Pokémon Go Plus accessory is, this guide will help. Learn how to take your Pokemon game to the next level using this Pokemon go accessory.

Pokémon Go Plus – What is it?

In the simplest terms, Pokemon Go Plus is an alternate reality video game accessory. It works in conjunction with your mobile phone, and helps you catch Pokemon. Once you have your Pokemon Go Plus unit, you’ll need to pair it to your mobile device.

Once connected via Bluetooth, your Pokemon Go Plus is ready to be used. Now when a Pokemon comes into your nearby area, the Pokemon wearable will vibrate. This notification allows you to catch Pokemon faster by simply clicking on your Pokemon wearable device.

When you click on the Pokemon Go Plus button, your cell phone will switch to capture mode. Simply put it’s the best way to hunt and track down Pokemon.

Why do I need a Pokemon Go Plus?

When you use a Pokemon Go Plus, you won’t need to walk around watching your cell phone. This eliminates the need to have your cell phone directly in your hand. It’s the easy way to catch Pokemon, and it’s a must buy for any serious player.

Here’s a breakdown of Pokemon Go Plus benefits, and how they help you.


There’s no better way to make Pokemon Go safer. Playing Pokemon Go responsibly means that you need to keep your gaze up to avoid obstacles and dangers.

With a Pokemon Go Plus, you’ll never bump into another person, walk into traffic or fall off a cliff. It’s the best way to play Pokemon Go and stay safe.

Battery Life:

There’s no battery that Pokemon Go has met that it couldn’t kill. No matter what cell phone you own, battery life is a serious concern. Having your Pokemon Go running, cell phone open, brightness turned all the way up, active GPS and WiFi are all reasons why Pokemon Go is a heavy battery hog.

Anyone who has played with a fully charged battery, only to be shocked at how fast their battery becomes drained knows this fact all too well. Instead you can turn to the Pokemon Go Plus wearable accessory, and save your battery life. You won’t need to hold open your phone or crank up the brightness so that you can see the screen outdoors.


One of the nicest features of the Pokemon Go Plus, is the ability to collect items from Pokestops. These real life locations hold eggs, Pokeballs and other items that any Pokemon master can use.

How To use a Pokemon Go Plus:

How To use a Pokemon Go Plus

Once you have the setup of the Pokemon wearable completed, you are ready to catch Pokemon. Using this device is easy and straightforward, simply connect it through Bluetooth to your mobile device and you are set.

Now when a Pokemon is nearby your area, the light on your Pokemon Go Plus will begin to flash. The wearable Pokemon Go accessory will also vibrate to let you know what’s going on. When you see this happen, simply push on the Pokemon Go Plus button.

When you push the Pokemon Plus button, you will throw a Pokeball in an attempt to catch the Pokemon. Keep in mind that you can only throw a ball to catch the Pokemon if it’s already one you’ve captured. It must be present in your Pokedex in order for you to catch Pokemon through the Pokemon Go Plus device.

If you catch the Pokemon in question, your accessory will flash and vibrate. In addition to catching Pokemon, there are other ways to use the wearable.

When you have a Pokemon Go Plus, Pokestops become easy and convenient. The handy wearable accessory gives you the freedom that many people long for.

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