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Pokemon Go: List of Pokemon Weaknesses

More than Combat Points, Attack power or any other statistic, Pokemon Go weaknesses are the single biggest key to combat. Armed with the knowledge of which Pokemon types are effective gives you the ability to plan properly. By picking the six best Pokemon for the gym you are attacking, you give yourself the best odds of success.

When in doubt use our chart of Pokemon Go weaknesses to determine who you need to take into battle. You can also refer to our Pokemon Go strengths chart as well to see which of your Pokemon are the strongest.

Pokemon Go Weaknesses Chart:

Pokemon Go Weaknesses Chart:
Pokemon TypePokemon Weaknesses
NormalWeak against : Fighting
PoisonWeak against : Ground, Psychic
BugWeak against : Fire, Flying, Rock
GrassWeak against : Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
WaterWeak against : Electric, Grass
GroundWeak against : Water, Grass, Ice
FireWeak against : Rock, Water, Ground
FairyWeak against : Poison, Steel
FlyingWeak against : Electric, Steel, Rock
ElectricWeak against : Ground
PsychicWeak against : Bug, Ghost, Dark
GhostWeak against : Ghost, Dark
DragonWeak against : Ice, Dragon, Fairy
IceWeak against : Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel

Are you having problems winning battles in Pokemon Go? Do you find it’s difficult to take over any gyms at all? Reference our special move chart, and the statistics in Pokemon Go to turn around your fortunes.

Using this easy to read Pokemon Go Weaknesses chart, you’ll know which Pokemon to attack with. When you understand how Pokemon types work, the battle is already half won. This chart of weaknesses gives you the upper hand, and makes taking over an enemy gym fast and easy.

Have any questions about our Pokemon Go Weaknesses chart? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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