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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Pokemon

One of the single biggest aspects of gameplay in Pokemon Go is to collect Pokemon. Once these virtual monsters appear on your mobile device, it’s your job to catch them. This is done by throwing a Pokeball towards your target. Knowing how to catch Pokemon may sound easy, but as you level up and progress you’ll see it becomes increasingly more difficult.

When this happens it can be frustrating to many players. The joy of discovering rare or hard to find Pokemon can quickly be dashed when you fail to catch them. If you that it’s hard to catch Pokemon, you can use these tips to improve your catch rate.

Pokemon Go Tips to Catch Pokemon:

Pokemon Go Tips to Catch Pokemon

Ring Color:

When Pokemon first reveal themselves, you’ll need to tap on them to go into the capture screen. When this occurs you’ll notice a ring that will come in a variety of colors. These colors are to illustrate how easy or hard it is to catch Pokemon in question.

There are multiple colors from green, to yellow and all the way to red. Green rings show that the Pokemon is easier to catch. Difficult to catch Pokemon will have red rings around them. The difficulty depends on the target Pokemon CP and the type of Pokeball you use.

Ring Size:

When you press on your Pokeball, you’ll notice that the rings also change in size. This ring size goes from large to small and repeats itself. For best results make sure to release the Pokeball when the ring is at its smallest size.

When you want the highest chance to catch Pokemon, you need to wait until the ring is at it’s smallest size. As you level up your character, you’ll see more powerful Pokemon. These rings will become yellow, orange and red. In order to catch Pokemon at higher levels, you’ll need to throw your Pokeballs at the right time.

Razz Berries:

The handy item is collected through Pokestops or when you level up and can be used to help catch Pokemon. Simply feed the target Pokemon by tapping on your inventory and swiping up on the berry.

You can feed another Razz Berry if the Pokemon breaks out of the first attempt. Don’t be afraid to draw the line however, especially if you find an especially stubborn Pokemon that also happens to be very common. It’s just not worth it.


What most Pokemon Go players don’t realize is that to catch the best Pokemon, you should always throw curveballs. This is also known as spinning your Pokeball, and it’s easy to do.

To throw your curveball, press and hold the Pokeball while making small circular motions with your finger. Once the ring size has shrunk properly, let go of the curveball in an upward and curved motion, as shown below.

Done right, you will increase your chance of hitting the target Pokemon. You will also have a better catch Pokemon success rate. Of course while we are talking about throwing Pokeballs, we should also mention throw scores.

Pokeball throw scores:

There are several different types of “scores” you can achieve by throwing Pokeballs. These scores increase your catch rate and play a direct role in whether or not you catch Pokemon, or they flee on you. In order to throw a nice Pokeball, make sure to throw a curveball, have good spin and make sure that the Pokeball remains on screen.

If done right, you will be rewarded with a message when your Pokeball hits the target. When you see any of these messages displayed below, there’s an increase in catch rate as shown in the chart.

Throw ScoreCatch Pokemon Modifier
Curveball Spin0.5 success modifier
Nice Throw1.0 success modifier
Great Throw1.3 success modifier
Excellent Throw1.7 success modifier

So when you want to catch more Pokemon, make sure to practice your Pokeball skills to improve your catch rate.

Turn off AR:

Augmented Reality is the camera filter that gives Pokemon Go its unique gameplay. The game transposes the virtual Pokemon using your camera and allows you to take some funny pictures as well.

The problem is when this feature is turned on, Pokemon move with the background and can be increasingly difficult to hit. To catch Pokemon that are harder to capture, turn off the A/R option. While this makes the entire capture process a tad more bland, it’s infinitely easier to hit your Pokemon.

When the AR is turned off, the screen will become static. By displaying a background, you’ll notice that your Pokemon no longer move around. This results in higher throw scores and a greater success rate when you need to catch Pokemon.

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