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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Fire Type Pokemon

Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be found in many common areas. There are 12 fire type Pokemon in the game, many of which can be found in your local neighborhood. When you want to catch fire type Pokemon, use this guide to help track and capture them.

Fire types can usually be found throughout residential areas. They aren’t difficult to catch, because they are usually found within cities and urban areas. If you aren’t having much luck finding fire type Pokemon, these tips can help you catch fire type Pokemon.

Taking Pokemon into battle, requires the right strategy to pick the best Pokemon for the job. Fire type Pokemon are strong against.

  • Grass type
  • Ice type
  • Bug type
  • Steel type

Further, there are a few fire Pokemon that are resistant to water types. Looking for fire type Pokemon to catch? Read on to learn how to catch fire type Pokemon.

How to catch fire type Pokemon:

How to catch fire type Pokemon

Primary Places to look:

Neighborhoods and residential areas are common places to find fire types. However to truly catch fire type Pokemon, here’s a few of the common places to look;

  • Farm lands
  • Rural areas
  • Dry areas
  • Residential regions
  • Cities

These are some of the best places to look for fire type Pokemon. Farm areas will net you the highest return and catch rate of fire types, although there are other ways to catch fire type Pokemon as well.

Other places to look:

Warmer climate areas, as well as dry or arid climates, are excellent places to look. Parks in your city can also be excellent places to track down fire types.

Other ways to catch fire type Pokemon:

Evolve them:

One of the strongest water types is Flareon, who receives a boost in the latest Pokemon Go update. You can get Flareon by evolving him from Eevee candy. If you aren’t sure how to evolve Flareon.

Hatch Eggs:

Another way to catch fire type Pokemon is to hatch them from eggs.

Charmander dens:

One of the most popular fire type Pokemon can be found in parks in neighborhood areas. There are many Pokemon Go players who have claimed that Olympic sites have a high spawn rate for Charmander.

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