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Pokemon Go: What are Combat Points?

Having an understanding of what combat points are, and how they affect your Pokemon is a big part of playing Pokemon Go. The popular augmented mobile game has been an instant smash success. If you are wondering what combat points are and how you use them to play the game, this guide is here to help.

Combat points are a value assigned to each Pokemon. Combat points are also known as CP. This value comes from three hidden stats. These hidden stats are Stamina, Attack and Defense. These are the Pokemon stats that make up the CP of your Pokemon.

Pokemon CP is a simplified value that helps players determine how much potential they have. Although it’s a calculated number, each Pokemon has a different Combat Points ceiling. For this very reason, it’s smart to use a Pokemon Go CP calculator to find out which Pokemon is best.

Why Combat Points are overrated:

Many players use Pokemon CP as their sole determining factor when picking Pokemon to evolve. For a complete guide on Pokemon statistics, make sure to check our Pokemon Go Pokedex. You’ll be able to browse and see which is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon CP is a good reference, but to pick the best Pokemon you need much more information. Learning about your Pokemon Go stats gives you the best chance at beating Pokemon Go gyms. Once you’ve evolved your Pokemon and leveled him up, you are ready for battle.

Pokemon Type:

Pokemon Type

Although most Pokemon Go players refer to CP, the best way to pick Pokemon for battle is by type. Each and every Pokemon are a specific class that helps determine effectiveness in battle. Some types of Pokemon are vulnerable to others. By making the right choices in your top six Pokemon, you give yourself the best chance at taking over a Pokemon Go gym.

For example, grass is vulnerable to fire, fire is vulnerable to water, water is weak against grass types and so on. This Pokemon Go gameplay mechanic gives gym battles a paper-rock-scissor element of strategy. Based on your Pokemon type, your attacks will range in effectiveness and damage.

Very effective attacks deal more damage, and in some cases even double damage. Many Pokemon also qualify as dual types, meaning they can be grass/water or a combination thereof. When planning to attack a gym, you want to pick the right Pokemon for battle.

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