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How To Lift a Pokemon Go Ban

Niantic is cracking down hard on Pokemon Go bot programs and GPS spoofers. Rolling out Pokemon Go ban punishments, it’s left countless cheaters high and dry. This is completely different to the soft ban, which would go away after a few hours. The latest Pokemon Go ban appears to be more permanent. Called the catch flee ban, there are many players anticipating a huge wave of permanent bans.

The Pokemon Go developer has done this before, implementing a huge wave of perma-bans through their previous game Ingress. Pokemon Go shares many elements with Ingress, from the engine to the GPS tracking system. For cheaters however it’s the sign of impending doom. For honest Pokemon Go players, this is news that’s been a long time coming.

However it’s not all good, because there’s a good chance that your account could be falsely flagged. Niantic Labs has a history of mistakenly banning players in Ingress, which created a huge player backlash against the developer. If you believe your account has been falsely punished with a Pokemon Go ban, use the steps below to try and unban your account.

How to appeal a Pokemon Go ban:

Niantic’s official website has a new page where you can appeal any Pokemon Go ban. This page gives you a way to enter your account information. Because this ban appeal process is brand new, it’s hard to say just how effective it will be.

It’s one thing for people using Pokemon Go bot programs, but quite another for honest players being mistakenly banned. Again, if Ingress is any indication, the possibility of unjustified bans is a definite possibility. Niantic has taken steps recently against these third-party bot programs, including shutting down one of the bigger bots in MyGobot.

If you’ve been hit with a Pokemon Go ban, visit this link to appeal. Enter your email address, and your trainer name along with an explanation to why you believe you’ve been unfairly banned.

Why is Niantic banning users?

Why is Niantic banning users?

The use of any third-party application, especially one that uses the Pokemon Go API is a violation. This includes the use of Pokemon locators and botting programs. They will also give you Pokemon Go ban punishments for GPS spoofing, one of the more serious violations.

Pokemon Go GPS spoofing has been extremely common in video game streaming services like Twitch. It’s led to several accounts already being shut down, and more Pokemon Go ban punishments being handed out.

How do I lift a soft ban?

Soft bans are of course another thing all together. Although soft bans affect most Pokemon Go bot programs, normal players can be affected as well. These soft bans can be levied if you are playing while driving too fast, or catching Pokemon at high speed. You can also be hit with a soft ban if you have a poor connection that cuts in and out intermittently.

The length of the soft ban varies, but there are many online tools out there to lift soft bans. Many of them are Pokestop spinner scripts that can be run on any computer to help your character lift the soft ban. You can also manually visit Pokestops until the ban is removed.

Have any questions about our guide on appealing a Pokemon Go ban? Let us know in the comment box below!

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