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How to Level Up Pokemon Go Monsters

So you’ve just started out playing Pokemon Go and capturing Pokemon Go monsters. Capturing monsters in Pokemon Go is easy enough, but how do you level up Pokemon Go monsters? If there’s a Pokemon Go gym out there that you want to challenge, you’ll need to know how to level up your Pokemon.

This is easy enough to do once you know how. These simple and easy steps behind powering up your monsters in Pokemon Go can help you boost your Pokemon up fast.

Before you play more of your Pokemon Go mobile game, here’s a brief rundown on how to level up Pokemon Go creatures so you can become a true Pokemon master.

What you need to level up Pokemon Go monsters:

What you need to level up Pokemon Go monsters

In order to level up Pokemon Go monsters in your stable, there’s a few items you need. If you are playing Pokemon Go and want to know how to power up your Pokemon, you need these items.


Each time you capture a Pokemon, you will be rewarded with Stardust. This dust can be used to level up Pokemon Go monsters once you have enough. As your Pokemon level up, the cost associated with leveling up increases.

You can collect Stardust by capturing Pokemon monsters or purchasing through the Pokemon Go store.


Each Pokemon has a cost involved for evolution. In order to evolve or take your Pokemon Go monster to the next level, you need a certain amount of candy. Depending on the Pokemon Go monster in question, you can see the cost involved by clicking on the monster bio.

You acquire candy in Pokemon Go by capturing monsters that are the same as your target Pokemon. You can also get Pokemon Go candy by transferring the Pokemon in question to the professor. Pokemon Go candy is also available when you use an incubator to hatch Pokemon Go eggs.

How do i get Pokemon Go candy? 

In order to evolve your Pokemon, you need the same type of Pokemon. Each Pokemon monster needs different amounts of Stardust and Candy to either level up or evolve.

When you transfer your Pokemon to the Professor, he will reward you with Pokemon Go candy. To do this highlight your Pokemon bio and scroll down to TRANSFER. Once you transfer the Pokemon, you lose it forever and get one piece of candy for the Pokemon Go monster you transferred.

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