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How To Get Pokemon Go Incubators

The popular mobile app hunting game Pokemon Go is all about finding and catching all the Pokemon you can. What most people don’t realize however that there’s more to the game than hunting and capturing Pokemon monsters. Essential to acquiring the best Pokemon Go creatures and leveling up, Pokemon Go incubators are required when you want to hatch your Pokemon eggs.

When you’ve got Pokemon eggs that need hatching, the only way to do it is with Pokemon Go incubators. Once you have an incubator ready, you can put the egg inside. When your Pokemon egg is inside the incubator, you’ll need to walk the specified distance before they hatch.

How To use Pokemon Go incubators:

Pokemon Go Incubators

Getting Pokemon Eggs:

In order to use Pokemon Go incubators, you’ll need eggs. Pokemon eggs are available through the online shop, or you can acquire them by leveling up your Pokemon Go character. Keep in mind that this is your character leveling up, and not when you level up Pokemon.

Hatching eggs:

Once your eggs are in the incubator, get out there and walk to get it hatched. Pokemon eggs come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s also epic eggs that you can acquire.

How do I see how many eggs I have? 

This is done through your captured Pokemon listing, and not your Pokedex. On this screen, swipe right to see the selection of Pokemon eggs that you have at your disposal.

Where do I get incubators:

This is a little bit tougher than our other tips. Unfortunately Pokemon egg incubators are only acquired through leveling up your character or buying them in the shop.

What is a Lucky egg:

Lucky eggs can be purchased through the Pokemon Go store. They will provide you with more benefits and goodies than traditional Pokemon Go eggs.

Use these tips to get Pokemon Go incubators and hatch the eggs in your inventory. Need more information about how to play Pokemon Go? Subscribe to PG Den today to get all the latest in Pokemon Go tips and guides.

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