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How To Fix the Pokemon Go Gym Error issues

Easily one of the most annoying parts of playing the game is the Pokemon Go gym error. This error was originally meant as an anti-cheat feature, however, it’s punishing players who are legitimately playing as well. If you have ever tried to enter a gym for battle, only to find a red Pokemon Go gym error message, here’s how to fix the problem.

Before you turn to fixing the Pokemon Go gym error, you need to know just why it’s happening to you. Here’s the simple explanation to why this error message occurs while attacking a Pokemon Go gym.

Why the Pokemon Go gym error happens:

The gym error is basically another form of a soft ban. Much like the catch flee ban, the Pokemon Go gym error occurs when you are battling a gym, and your avatar strays outside the range of the gym.

If your avatar moves outside of the range of the gym during battle, you are booted. If you attempt to re-enter the gym you’ll receive the dreaded Pokemon Go gym error message. This red error message will keep you from battling in that gym for 10 minutes.

The Pokemon Go gym error can be extremely frustrating, especially as most players have enough Pokémon to level up gyms sufficiently. With more and more high prestige gyms out there, the added 10 minute ban time just isn’t a good solution to GPS spoofers.

How to fix Pokemon Go gym error issues:

How to fix Pokemon Go gym error issues

Outside of the obvious tip of not moving when battling gyms, the only way to fix this issue is to improve your GPS performance. Because the GPS not found error is still a prevalent issue in Pokemon Go, it can also cause you to get the Pokemon Go gym error.

Until Niantic improves the gym battle process, the Pokemon Go gym error is sure to remain an issue. GPS locating isn’t precise and any time you are sitting down to do battle, there’s a good chance that GPS roam can cause your avatar to stray outside the zone.

For best results use our guide to improve GPS accuracy, and don’t move anywhere when doing battle. Try to get as close to the center of the gym to prevent the Pokemon gym error from occurring.

What do you think about the this gym error? Have you ever had this error happen to you? Let us know in the comment box below

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