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How to Catch Rare Pokemon | Pokemon Go Guide

So you are well on your way to becoming a Pokemon master, but you don’t have any rare Pokemon. When you are hunting Pokemon, you notice that most gyms have rare Pokemon that seem very powerful. But when you look through your collection of Pokemon, you’ve got nothing but common Pokemon Go monsters.

If you are on a mission to become a Pokemon master, you need to know how to capture rare Pokemon. This guide is designed to help you catch the Pokemon Go creatures that are rare or even legendary.

So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to catch that rare Pokemon that will have your friends envious. These Pokemon Go hints can help you capture that hard to find Pokemon you’ve always wanted.

Catching Rare Pokemon the Easy Way:

Catch Rare Pokemon Go

Tracking :

Part of becoming a true Pokemon master is knowing how to track your prey. Track Pokemon by using your Pokemon Go map and a solid GPS connection through your phone.

This can be done by clicking on the “nearby Pokemon” tab. This tab shows you what Pokemon creatures are in your area. When you see a rare Pokemon show up on this list, it’s time to get your walking shoes on and track it down.

Pokemon footprints:

You’ll notice that your nearby tab also has some other information on it. When you see the Pokemon that are nearby, you’ll also see footprints next to their names. These footprints tell you how far away, or how close the target Pokemon is.

One footprint means it’s very close and you need to move around just a bit to find it. Three footprints means you should walk around your neighborhood until the number of footprints decreases or you find your rare Pokemon.

Rustling leaves:

When you see leaves swirling about in your mini-map, it’s a sign that there may be Pokemon there. Walk to that area and see what Pokemon are hiding there.


Most people don’t know this but going to a location that’s heavy in landmarks, churches, parks or buildings can really help you find what you are looking for. Going to an area with lots of Pokestops can increase your chances.

When this fails, however, you can also download Ingress from Niantic Labs. In essence, this directory style of the map system is what the game Pokemon Go is built upon. Once you download Ingress you can use the Intel Map to determine which areas are best for your rare Pokemon hunting.


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