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How To Capture Pikachu Cheat | Best Pokemon Go Hack

Ask anyone that plays Pokemon Go and there’s bound to be favorites that people gravitate to. Whether it’s that one time your Snorlax took over a rival team Pokemon Go gym, or it took you over a week to finally capture Charmander, everyone’s got a favorite. But there’s one Pokemon that trumps them all, and that’s Pikachu, which is what makes this the best Pokemon Go hack of them all.

The familiar yellow and black Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokemon in the entire Pokemon universe. Blame it on his popularity, but there’s a reason why he’s extremely rare. That’s why there are so many people searching for the best Pokemon Go hack, because everyone wants to catch Pikachu.

When you are a beginner Pokemon player, you start out with the first Pokemon you capture. If you want to capture Pikachu in Pokemon Go, it’s easy to do using the best Pokemon Go hack. Here’s how to start Pokemon Go with Pikachu the easy way.

How to Catch Pikachu as your first Pokemon:

How to catch pikachu
  1. Register for your Pokemon Go account.
  2. Customize your avatar
  3. The Professor will have you capture a Pokemon as your first task.
  4. Walk away from any Pokemon that walks up to you that isn’t Pikachu. Some of the most common ones that appear are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.
  5. Repeat this process until Pikachu appears after Charmander.

Once you complete these steps to the best Pokemon Go hack, you’ll have yourself a Pikachu! You’ve taken a great step using this Pokemon hack to get your favorite Pokemon, so go find more and challenge all rival teams out there.

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