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How To Build the Strongest Pokemon

When you are ready to take your Pokemon Go game to the next level, this guide to building the strongest Pokemon possible is vital. Before you can choose the best Pokemon for battle, a basic understanding of Pokemon Go stats is recommended. There are many statistics that play into the equation when you want to build the strongest Pokemon.

Before you start our guide on how to pick the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, it’s important to understand that not all Pokemon are created equal. That means that even though you’ve caught or evolved two of the same Pokemon, chances are that one of them is the better choice to upgrade.

Make the wrong choice when looking at the strongest Pokemon in your collection, and you run the risk of wasted Stardust. The time and effort you are investing goes beyond battle results. So when you need to pick the strongest Pokemon possible, use these tips to get the job done.

How to pick the strongest Pokemon:

There are two basic values that determine which Pokemon is best. One is CP or Combat Points, otherwise known as Combat Power. Because it’s the main value that’s attributed to Pokemon, many players make the mistake of believing that CP is the end all be all for combat.

However, The true indicator is IV otherwise known as Individual Values. This is what sets one Pokemon apart from the crowd, and determines the ultimate potential of your monster. Why is IV important in Pokemon Go? It determines how strong your Pokemon are going to be when fully leveled up.

How does IV work in Pokemon Go?

How does IV work in Pokemon Go?

There are 3 basic statistics for each Pokemon in the game. These values are Attack, Defense, and Stamina. These values range from 0 to 15 for each individual value. All Pokemon have these Individual Values and determine the ultimate potential of your Pokemon.

The strongest Pokemon will have a max of Individual Values. The very best Pokemon will have 15/15/15 for these stats. On the flip side the worst Pokemon will have 0/0/0 for the statistics. Unfortunately Pokemon IV is invisible to the player, so how do you pick the strongest Pokemon?

Luckily the community at The Silph Road has worked hard to provide a IV calculator. Before you level up your Pokemon, head over to their research page. By clicking on the Pokemon Go IV Rater, you can enter in the values to determine the true potential of your Pokemon.

It’s important to pick the strongest Pokemon to level up. So head over to their IV Rater to enter in the Pokemon type, Pokemon CP and trainer level to find the best Pokemon choice for leveling up.

There’s also a handy spreadsheet that makes CP calculation easy. Created by user aggixx from the Pokemon Go Reddit community, you can also use this chart to determine the strongest Pokemon in your collection.

Using this tool, you can pick the strongest Pokemon for battle. Simply put it’s the best way to plan ahead and level up the best Pokemon you own.

How does CP work in Pokemon Go?

Combat points determine Pokemon power in battle, and tells you what level it will max out at. What does this mean in simple terms? If you have a 720 CP Vaporeon and you are battling a 2089 CP Vaporeon, chances are you are going to lose.

Although you can defeat a higher CP Pokemon by taking advantage of Pokemon type weaknesses, you’ll need to level up to a higher level just to be able to compete. This means that your Pokemon will need more Stardust in order to hold their own in battle.

For example you’ll notice two Vaporeon in the screen shot above. They are both the same level, however as you can see the CP value is very different. This is the risk you run when you don’t properly plan ahead to pick the strongest Pokemon possible.

In the simplest terms, higher Pokemon IVs will mean Higher CP. Pokemon with 15 in each stat going from level 19 to 20, a level 19 with perfect IV will have the same CP as the level 20 Pokemon with lower IV values. The strongest Pokemon will be the one with the highest IV, and is the best choice to invest candy and stardust into.

How to Pick the Strongest Pokemon:

  1. Choose a Pokemon you want to level up and invest Stardust into.
  2. Base this choice on Pokemon type and the special attacks
  3. Head over to The Silph Road and click on the IV rater
  4. Choose the strongest Pokemon based on the results
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