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How Pokemon Go changes the world

The world’s biggest and most popular mobile game is changing the way that people enjoy exploration. There are many ways that Pokemon Go changes the world we live in, many of which affect beginners and experts alike. If you are an avid Pokemon gamer and you are well on your way to becoming a Pokemon master, we cover the ways that Pokemon Go changes reality below.

Alternate reality video games are nothing new, but none have reached the success of Pokemon Go. Produced by Niantic Labs, and backed by the Pokemon Co., a division of Nintendo, Pokemon Go has fast become a cultural staple. If you want to see what sets Pokemon Go apart from the competition, read the ways that Pokemon Go changes our culture below.

How Pokemon Go changes Culture:

Fans of Pokemon Go :

Whether you are a fan of the popular mobile game or not, there’s no doubting the power in numbers. Most fans of Pokemon Go claim that the success that Niantic has experienced will change the way that social networking affects our lives. By bringing different people together and connecting them through the alternate reality game, fans say that Pokemon Go will change the way we connect and live our lives.

Cons of Pokemon Go :

There are several different points being made by detractors of the popular mobile game. Some say that the game is blatant commercialization, and some go as far to say that it’s an obvious cash grab.

No matter what side of the fence you happen to fall on, there’s no doubting the power of this game. The way that Pokemon Go changes players and the world is expanding daily.

Culture changes:

If there’s anything to take away from the success of Pokemon Go, it’s that the smartphone-wielding audience wants to enjoy an alternate reality. By melding social interactions and the unique treasure hunt aspect with your smartphone, it’s proof that Pokemon Go changes the way people look at mobile apps such as these.

It’s proof that cultural products or applications that connect with people will motivate them to invest time and money.

It’s not perfect:

While it’s certainly an achievement, Pokemon Go isn’t perfect. It’s got several bugs and flaws within it that can cause frustration on the part of Pokemon masters. The interface and mini-map seem sparse and lacking in documentation and features.

In fact these drawbacks have caused Niantic Labs to delay the international rollout of Pokemon Go. These technical bugs and issues, combined with evolving gameplay are all serious issues that Pokemon Go faces ahead. This doesn’t change the fact that Pokemon Go changes the way that people enjoy smartphone apps or games, however.

Pokemon Go still needs that extra step that gives gamers a truly rounded experience. As of right now, the popular mobile game appeals mostly to people who can afford to invest large amounts of time and effort. By expanding gameplay and attracting the casual gamer, Niantic could truly be onto something great.


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