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Finding the Best Pokemon Go Phone

Having played Pokemon Go since the launch, I’ve had a chance to see several different smartphones in action. Whether you are considering a hardware upgrade, or getting a cheap phone for Pokemon Go, there’s a lot of options out there. Catching them all is much easier when you’ve got the best Pokemon Go phone for the job.

There’s rumors of Nintendo launching a dedicated Pokemon Go machine, but barring that there are many smartphone choices out there. If you are shopping for the best Pokemon Go phone for kids, don’t forget our parents guide either.

Want to see what goes into the best smartphone for the job? Read on to see what it takes to make the best Pokemon Go phone.

What makes the best Pokemon Go phone:

What makes the best Pokemon Go phone

Best display for Pokemon Go:

There are many different resolutions for Android phones, but you don’t need the biggest or the best. Pokemon Go is still a casual game, which is one of it’s most attractive features.

Still the game may not look as good on a 720p display. Instead look for a smartphone with 1080p LCD support. The best Pokemon Go phone should have at least a 5 inch display. With a smaller screen and less pixel power, you’ll save battery life and be able to play longer.

You could of course opt for an AMOLED display, which requires less power but could prove difficult on bright sunny days. LCD smartphones offer a higher brightness feature, which gives you the ability to play at any time during the day.

Battery requirements to play Pokemon Go:

When choosing the best Pokemon Go phone, you’d be best served with a high capacity battery. The bigger your battery and longer standby time you have, the more you’ll be able to play. In other words, if weight is not an issue, look for a smartphone with more than 4000 mAh capacity.

Pokemon Go is a huge battery hog, which is why so many people opt for portable battery chargers. If you are looking for the best Pokemon Go phone, look into a snap-on battery cell to extend gameplay.

Supplementary battery systems allow you to snap onto the back of the best Pokemon Go phone. You’ll be able to play longer and easily catch more Pokemon. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a Pokemon spawn location only to have your phone battery die.

Lowest memory requirements for Pokemon Go:

If all you are doing is playing the mobile game, all you really need is 16GB of storage. Pokemon Go is just 128MB to install and operate, and it gives you enough space to install other apps that help you locate and track Pokemon.

GPS that works for Pokemon Go:

There are quite a few users that have problems with GPS when playing Pokemon Go. For best results, the best Pokemon Go phone should support Assisted GPS.

This is one of the most important Pokemon Go requirements. If your smartphone has problems with the GPS antenna or suffers from a poor antenna location the game could crash more than it already does. Pick the best Pokemon Go phone by choosing one that gives you an excellent GPS signal no matter which way you hold it.

CPU requirements for Pokemon Go:

CPU’s like the Snapdragon 625 is a solid blend of performance and GPS enhanced CPU. It’s perfect for 1080p resolution and won’t suck your battery dry to boot.

With a modern DSP design and excellent energy-saving technology, the 625 Snapdragon CPU is an excellent choice.

WiFi Pokemon Go requirements:

There are many unlimited 4G cell phone services out there. Pokemon Go doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth, but you’ll want a reliable provider to prevent Pokemon Go crashing at the wrong time.

What phone are you using to play Pokemon Go? What do you think about our best Pokemon Go phone guide? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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