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Pokemon Go: Complete list of Pokemon Moves

In order to win battles in Pokemon Go gyms, you need to know how to battle. Battling with your Pokemon requires you to tap on the screen in one of two ways to launch attacks. Swiping left or right allows your Pokemon to dodge incoming attacks as well. However if you want to beat your opposition, ...

All Pokemon Types Explained

Contrary to popular belief, Combat Points isn’t the end all-determining factor when it comes to the Pokemon Go battle. Many times players head into battle confident with leveled up Pokemon, only to be surprised at how quickly they lost. This is where Pokemon types come into ...

Pokemon IV FAQ | Commonly asked questions

Catching and evolving Pokemon is one of the main components in the game. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go isn’t exactly very informative when it comes to how to evaluate Pokemon. In fact, outside of Combat Power there’s not much else to go on for a casual gamer. IV or Individual Values is the real ...

What is Pokemon IV | Build the Strongest Pokemon

Whether you are a casual Pokemon Go player or a hardcore one you have heard the term Pokemon IV. Although there are many stats for Pokemon that help determine the outcome of the battle, Pokemon IV is one of the most important. Values like Attack, Defense, and Stamina are crucial if you want to ...

How to Level Up Pokemon Go Monsters

So you’ve just started out playing Pokemon Go and capturing Pokemon Go monsters. Capturing monsters in Pokemon Go is easy enough, but how do you level up Pokemon Go monsters? If there’s a Pokemon Go gym out there that you want to challenge, you’ll need to know how to level up your Pokemon. This ...

Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Explained

Pokemon Go is officially the biggest mobile game of all time, and it’s only getting bigger. One of the biggest ways in which the game is evolving is through the use of Pokemon Go Plus. No longer will you have to stare at your mobile device to see if there are any nearby Pokemon to capture. ...

Finding the Best Pokemon Go Phone

Having played Pokemon Go since the launch, I’ve had a chance to see several different smartphones in action. Whether you are considering a hardware upgrade, or getting a cheap phone for Pokemon Go, there’s a lot of options out there. Catching them all is much easier when you’ve got the best ...

How To Lift a Pokemon Go Ban

Niantic is cracking down hard on Pokemon Go bot programs and GPS spoofers. Rolling out Pokemon Go ban punishments, it’s left countless cheaters high and dry. This is completely different to the soft ban, which would go away after a few hours. The latest Pokemon Go ban appears to be more ...

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